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Beretta AR-70 Clone

Beretta AR-70 Clone

When you get a little too drunk and drop your AK into a tub of spaghetti, this is what you get. If you've ever disassembled a Sig 550, or FN FNC, this will be very similar in that it's very AK inspired. In fact the AR70 was grown out of a joint venture between Beretta and SIG that also resulted in the SIG 550. This unit is a kit build by PLF or on a PLF receiver at least, which is why it's significantly less expensive than a legit Beretta one. Of course, this also means that it was built off a surplus military kit, so it's mostly Beretta parts and has cool features like a grenade launcher gas block that weren't part of the actual Beretta imports. Do you need a grenade launcher gas block? Only of you want to be cool...


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