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Marcolmar CETME LC

Marcolmar CETME LC

For the rolly bois that are tired of the same old HKs, here's the Spanish derivative. While the CETME Ls are somewhat available (I've got one listed), the LCs are a much rarer bird. Per Marcolmar's own advertising, they only had 600 some LC kits available which they've since built and are sold out of. This is your chance to grab one. It takes standard STANAG mags. The factory mags are also available cheap, but they're notoriously trash. Additionally, the last section of barrel is a pinned and welded separate piece to facilitate an easy sbr conversion if desired. 


    All items descriped to the best of our ability and sold as is. Any firearm sale requires a background check. 


    Willing to ship wherever legal. Please contact us to discuss.

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