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Norinco NHM-90 Underfolder

Norinco NHM-90 Underfolder

Do you want a cool Chicom AK, but you don't want a basic common Mak90, you can't afford a pre-ban,  and you're too classy to pick up one of the PSA offerings? Well, I've got a beautiful transitional Mak90 underfolder. It utilizes a factory underfolder receiver and original Chinese underfolder stock. It also has a threaded barrel although the plunger was cut down and would need replaced to lock the muzzle device. It's also a more desireable blued bolt version. This is as close as you can get to a pre-ban without paying pre-ban prices. Flex on your 1mm receiver akm friends with this beautiful 1.3mm reciver Chicom beauty. 


    All items descriped to the best of our ability and sold as is. Any firearm sale requires a background check. 


    Willing to ship wherever legal. Please contact us to discuss.

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