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Pile of Zastava M85NPs

Pile of Zastava M85NPs

Are you an AK heretic that craves bastardized Kalashnikovs that take AR mags? Well, I've got a few of them. What we have here are a few Zastava M85np model pistols that are effectively Serbian 556 krinkovs that take STANAG mags. Yugoslavia became notorious for war crimes in the 90s and Serbia continued that trend by producing these abominations. Fortunately, they've attempted to repent for their sins by discontinuing these. They still offer the M85, but no longer in a model that accepts AR mags. To be clear, these function fine, but I'm an anal purist that doesn't like AKs that take AR mags. If your morals are more flexible, here's an excellent chance to pick up a cool discontinued model... or three.


    All items descriped to the best of our ability and sold as is. Any firearm sale requires a background check. 


    Willing to ship wherever legal. Please contact us to discuss.

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