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SAR-8 G3 Clone

SAR-8 G3 Clone

Here we've got an old school Springfield import from back when they imported cool stuff without needing to rebrand it something crazy. This is a SAR-8 which is a licensed built HK91/G3 clone manufactured by EBO in Greece. While not quite as in demand as a German units, they're generally regarded as being of comparable quality. It's a nice step between a PTR-91 and an increasingly unaffordable HK91. This one sports a proper HK wood handguard and an A3 stock. I've got a matching HK wood stock I could swap, but the A3 stock just slaps aesthetically, and roller guns love getting slaped, so its fitting. It also comes with the original factory box.


    All items descriped to the best of our ability and sold as is. Any firearm sale requires a background check. 


    Willing to ship wherever legal. Please contact us to discuss.

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